Perfect skin part 1: Make up your mind

There are many steps to take in life before you can see your inside glow on the outside. One of them is taking care of your skin. This is the first part of my How to get perfect skin series. Are you ready for this? Lets go!

The first step in getting perfect skin is obviously to make up your mind, to decide what you want – decide beforehand how it will be. Your dream is to get rid of eczema? Then start telling yourself how healthy skin you have. Dreaming of smooth and soft winter skin? Then that is what you are going to tell yourself. Make up your mind that this is how it will be and then the rest will flow on so much easier. Be dedicated to your longing, without putting stress on you. With ease and flow you will just do what you need to do. And you don´t stop – you have a goal and you will reach it. If you don´t make this choice then you don´t even need to start. But once you made your choice just go for it and I am sure that you will see results within a few weeks. 

So our first "homework" in this series will be to add a little mantra to your daily skin routine. Everyday when you wake up and look yourself in the mirror you will say to yourself:

"I have healthy, beautiful and glowing skin" 

You don´t have to say this loud, it can just be a little voice in your head. Say this mantra to yourself every time you look in the mirror or on any other skin area. And as soon as you hear yourself complain about your skin you just take a turn in your head and repeat the little mantra instead. This will make you focus on your goal and stop focusing on what you actually don´t want. When you have done this a few days it will feel totally natural to you and go with no effort – and this is where you have layd your foundation for healthy, beautiful and glowing skin! 

/ Mia


2. Stay natural

3. Food sensitivity

4. Food for skin

5. Super foods 

6. Products 

7. Make up

8. Treatments

9. Detox

10. Environment


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