Drinking Clouds

1 Avocado
2 teaspoon Spirulina
1 can organic Coconut Milk
Mix it and enjoy this wonderful drink, feels like cloudes, soft and with a indescribable taste.  
Som att dricka tillit ur min älsklingskopp, dricka glädjen ur ett glas eller dricka sorgen ur mina händer; jordens kraft och himmelens skönhet. Dricka liv idag... som en fjärils frihet och mjuka små moln som seglar förbi.
Like drinking trust from my love cup, drink joy out of a glass, or drink grief out of my hands. Earth's power... and the beauty of heaven. Drinking life today... like a butterfly´s freedom, and small soft clouds sailing by.
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Making Raw Food Candy

Photo by: Elias Hedman
The children make Christmas candy. Spirulina balls, marzipan, toffee, nougat. My favorite is the raw food balls, you'll get the recipe for. Easy to make and nutritious July sweets. We improvised a bit, but here is an approximate recipe. Taste it as you go and make it as you like.

3 cup sunflower seeds, mix a while and then add
2 tbsp spirulina powder
10 drops peppermint oil
2 tsp honey
Licorice Powder, about 2 teaspoons of the batter and then we rolled the balls in liquorice and raw cocoa.


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