I realize there are strong religious connotations to this, but hope you can glimpse something beyond religion, something of the highest truths of yoga, Taoism, Chirstian mysticism, our deep hearts, the Universe. 
The most precious divine heart of the beginnings
is there in the old story of the birth of Christ: 
the innocent babe born of the girl; 
the shy purity revealed… the daystar glimpsed,
the fountain of existence viewed 
by old, grizzled kings,
searchers of the orient skies,
there amidst goats and sheep,
under shit-covered beams
crowded with cooing birds.

A young girl, maybe fourteen,
in her pure, virginal flesh,
with wide opened eyes,
in wonderment at what was just born
through her pink loins,
and how that the Highest freedom
had entered her with singing seed
as white as starlight.
And they saw the baby sucking milk
from her softness
and felt the highest mystery
of the Innocent Source of their own being
shining as gently as feathers
in their deep minds…
and bowed.

Blake Steele

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vårens första dag

En blygsam fjäril i maj vårens ljuva fägring- den vilar i mitt hjärtas purpurljus. Det sköra är som trädens växande blad- sinnet känns ungt som vårens första dag. Livets knoppning leker som ett odramatiskt landskap i vitt av sippor- jungfru bröst slår plötsligt ut i blom. Ömhetens ljuva hand, smeker mjukt, stilla det som är jag, långt borta från identifikations land.
A modest butterfly in May's spring sweet appearance - it rests in my heart's purple light. The brittle is that trees growing leaf mind feeling young as the first day of spring. Life budding playing as an undramatic landscape in white of sippor- virgin breasts turn suddenly into bloom. Tenderness sweet hands, caressing soft, gentle what I am, far away from identification country.


In the heart of our hearts is the Original Light, the miracle of conscious existence. This Light is True Self. True Self exists in the Infinite Source of all existence. This Source is pure goodness, pure kindness, pure joy, pure Love. The way to Heaven is heaven. Trust the Love that draws you to Love.
/Blake Steele
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