Easter Ruminations

Colorful, wonderful, beautiful, flowers and dots and happy tin boxes. An old pitcher filled with love and a life story from Russian. Easter for me is so much trust, peace and love, being with my family and friends, and giving away the sweetest kisses — sending them to you all. Beauty and pain of the life of Jesus Christ - celebrating his love and compassion for us. Visiting the church together with my Children. Darkness and light helping me to recive, welcome, and allow all that I am. Easter with plenty of raw chocolate, fruit and bright flowers springing from the soil and a cute bunny sitting on my stair. Lovely easter atmosphere...


Dagen gryr och ett stort äventyr väntar att dela med vänner och familj. Äggplockning, äggmålning under dagen och när solnedgången exploderar innjuter jag en fantastisk påskmiddag i goda vänners lag. Musik, charader och en stor skopa skratt- så mycket värme och glädje.

The day dawns and a great adventure waits to share with friends and family. Egg hunting and egg painting during the day and when the sun sets I am enjoying an amazing Easter dinner with good friends. Music, charades and a big scoop of laughter, so much warmth and joy.
/ Ingela.

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Family time

I love spending playful time with my family. Hanging around at the Ängsbacka Café together with friends. Kids are playing, music is playing – life is playing it´s play. Laughing, singing and dancing together. Family time is precious those days and make me be even more present in those moments. I love my family <3
Love / Mia
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