Perfect skin part 2: Stay natural

One very important thing to understand when you want to achieve better skin for real is that you need to stick to natural products. Natural products that are made to help your skin to repair itself, rather than repairing your skin, products that make your skin glow not products that put glow on your skin. Got what I mean? If you don´t help your skin to help itself the highest you can ever get is a good looking skin that is addicted to some chemical products, and as soon as you stop with those products you will look like, well lets just say you don´t want to leave bed. So on this way of getting healthy skin you need to commit to natural products. I know it´s not easy in the beginning, you just have to make up your mind and be very strict – and soon it will feel like the most natural thing in the world to just pass by all the shelfs of poison at the drugstore. 

So, how to start of this journey to stay all natural? I suggest you start with taking your bathroom bin in your hand and take a look into the bathroom shelfs. I am sure that some of you already know what is natural and what not. But in case not then you just start reading. If it has a certificate on like eco cert you are on the safe side and other wise you need to go through the list of ingredients. Here is a list in swedish and here a list in english of what stuff you should avoid. Don´t get blind on certificates, many small companies that still have very clean products can´t afford them, like my favorite brand that is so new on the market that they don´t have any eco logos on them – but still they only have the best stuff in them. So get through the list of poison, it might feel overwhelming but soon you got the trick, promise! 

Once your done with this you deserve a treat. And the best way to do this, now that you might have an empty bathroom shelf, is of course to go shopping! Some of my favorites you could check out are Q for skin, Urtekram, Weleda, Nvey Eco, everything from Clearlife and of course you should´t forget the food store. Virgin coconut oil and Avocados are one of the best things you can put on your skin!

/ Mia


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