Tantra Festival: A Woman's Perspective

Coming home from the tantra festival, I feel deeply touched and shaken upside down in my world. Lots of processing and valueable insights. The biggest one is a deep realization from within that I'm totally OFF when I'm up in my head and believe all my thoughts. The practice for me is to love and serve with an open heart. That's what I really went into during my role as a coach at the festival. And I'm soooo grateful for all the sessions I have given, and all the transformation I have witnessed that arose from a deep space of devotion and presence. Serving is the biggest variable for me to get out of our own mind games and into love and surrender. Thank you thank you thank you. Keep on using me as your instrument lord, how may I serve? Amen.
Nadja Feulner
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Sex and Spirit

This week is a Sexibilty Festival at Angsbacka. I will share a workshop called, "Pink Tantra: the recovery of our innocent, ecstatic nature." If seems so clear to me that if we didn’t get to carry our playful, child-like spirit into our adolescent sexual awaking then we were robbed of a happy relationship with your own soul and sensuous body — which is foundational to having healthy relationships with others.

I have found that truly healthy sex is about discovering the inherent instincts of sex to play, birth new life, unite us with each other and heal. It is about innocent ecstatic energy flowing through our innocent bodies, and integrated in a way that enriches every aspect of our lives. To discover the spiritual essence of sex is nothing short of a journey into the true nature of our selves.

If we embrace it as a spiritual way it can purify negative shadows of fear, shame, selfish lust, and guilt, out of our minds until our whole being shines with the Light of Life that is our actual essence and happy home. 

Much Love to us all, for I believe with all my heart, that the high, free power of divine Love, that births stars, and planets, and all things, is our way forward into a new chapter in our own lives, and a new era for the world. You can read more about these things on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pinktantra, or my web site created to help men move from pornography to wholeness and health, and for adolescents to get a healthy and radiant attitude about their bodies, mutual respect, and sexual bliss. Sex and Spirit.


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