The Scent of Christmas

Stilla en doft av hjärtat når, det viskas i tuva och snår. Hyacint, gran och stearin trollbinder varmt mitt längtande barn. Lingonkrans välkommnar med ljuvlig glans, nu faller snöflingorna i decemberdans. Den strålande morgonstjärnan lyser i mitt inre djup, som en påminnelse om livslågan som aldrig brinner ut. Doften av jul; ah... familjen är här, som jag håller så kär.
Still a whiff of the heart reaches me; it is whispered in tuffs of grass and scrub. Hyacinth, spruce, and paraffin enthrall and warm my wistful children. A Lingonberry wreath welcomes with its luscious shine; and then... falling snowflakes in December are dancing. The radiant morning star shines in my inner depths as a reminder of life's flame that never burns out. The scent of Christmas; ah... my family is here, that I hold so dear.
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Christmas Wishes

Ingela has been very busy with work and family and asked me to put something here on the blog for her. I know she wants to send you all a boat-load of Love and many wishes for you to have a warm and loving Christmas time. May your days be full of joy, your nights full of candlelight, beautiful music, and kindness. May we be so kind to ourselves that our kindness overflows naturally to everyone around us. And may we each reach out and express our care and kindness for the entire world. Christ is born means Love has triumphed over hate. We don't have to be religious to realize this in our own hearts.
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