Hej, du som tror att du är trasig när skärvorna skär i hjärtat. Vårda de vackra sprickor du har, så att guds ljus kan sippra in... som när solen värmer ditt ansikte om våren. Den efterlängtade helheten kväver öppenheten - stänger ögonblickets dörr. Livet är livet, och ibland faller allt - som stormens vilda framfart över jorden. Du som har gått sönder - fortsätt att andas ett andetag och nästa tills du vågar tro att du är fullkommlig.

Hello, you who think you are broken, when shards cut your heart. Cherish the beautiful cracks in you so that God's light can seep inside... like sunshine warming your face in spring. The long-awaited vision suffocates your transparency and closes the moment of the door. Life is life, and sometimes everything collapes as a storm's wild rampage spreads over the earth. You who are broken, continue to breathe one breath and the next until you dare to believe you are complete. /Ingela


There is a grace in the skies,
at sunrise… at sunset.
Let’s just call it freedom…
and beauty.
Yet so many insensibly move along,
feet shuffling on the miracle of earth,
and eyes fixated on pavement,
wholly oblivious to the gift of everything
alive, and unfolding.
I’m on the boarder-land
of clichés here,
but what to do?
Sky, color, wind, clouds…
we’ve seen them a million times before…
haven’t we?
Man’s mind goes to sleep
with too much familiarity.
And that is the exact point
I wish to make to you, somehow,
right here and now.
Perhaps by screaming in ink,
“Wake up, swipe your awareness clean—
and see!”
Did you hear my exclamation point,
or is your mind shuffling by this poem
/Blake Steele

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The endless darkness of our future

Världens lidande  kan ses i blodrött hav, djupt ner i dess mest outhärdliga form, om tystnaden får råda. Ljudlöst försvinner livets syster vid strandens såriga kant- höstens utslagna lotus sjunker sakta till botten, när dimmorna dansar sin sista vals. I andetagets mellanrum finns friheten att känna smärtan;  under vattnets spelgelblanka yta, så stilla, under kokande väntan. Mörkret vid tidens oändlighet når in till ljusets vila.... en stund.
The world of suffering, blood red sea, deep in its most unbearable form. A silently disappearing sister of life at the beach's ulcerated edge. A lotus , excluded by autumn, slowly sinks to the bottom, as the fog goes on dancing his last stand. In the spirit's grasped spacing is freedom to feel pain; the glassy water's surface is quiet and still waiting for a boiling that is pending. The darkness of the future endlessly reaches out to light everything... for a while. /Ingela
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