So Beautiful to Live

Ljuset är så bedårande vacker, när det hårda hjärtat mjuknar, lik den frusna mossen som tinar i solstrålarnas varma famn. Den värkande inkapslade kylan smälter samman med sårbarheten, som släpper hjärtesorgen fri under godhetens upplysta landskap. Ljudet är så bedårande vackert när tårar faller, för hjärtat har sett skönheten i det mörka avgrundsdjupet - Ljuset lever i smärtans gömslen - Vi möts i lusten, att leva i öppen intelligens- att mjukna i vårens alla färger.
The light is so gorgeously beautiful when the hard heart softens, like a frozen bog that melts in the sun's warm embrace. The aching ancient ice melts in vulnerability, which releases the heart's soft saddness into freedom in the goodness of a radiant landscape. When tears fall the sound is so delightfully beautiful; the heart has seen the splendor of the dark abyss' depth that living in pain tranforms. We meet in our desire to live in open intelligence—and to soften in spring's colors.
/ Ingela

Letters Written on Water

I remember what shaped me, every small step from childhood to a sense of being who I am today. To be in an exceptional condition is where the emptiness is a driver and each creation is proof that pain also gives creativity and direction. I remember the contours of trust and faith as I rest in a greater truth—where my heart is wide open, and all is well. I remember my inability to cry, and that wonderful moment when I met God as Light and Love in freedom... when I realized that being alive is far greater than the spectacle of mere existence I see today. Memories come, of a smell, a soul, and joys and sorrows united in harmony. A beauty that is a nuance of riddles answers my every question and is a pregnant mystery larger than everything else I know. Every moment slowly dies away, leaving faint memories, and the possibility of love letters that shall remain, written in the waters of a clear stream. /Blake Steele


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A Victim

En gång ville jag vara ett offer, och såg det i andra. Jag plockade blommor, som vissnade och trubaduren på vägen slutade sjunga. Sorgen fick inte vara ett svart, svart hål, utan skulle fyllas med ljus. När smärtans mörker närmade sig, kramade jag dess hand och smakade på dess blod. Det fanns ingen skillnad på mörker och ljus, gott och ont- endast jag själv med friheten att uppleva livet som det är, med alla nyanser, smaker, dofter.... En gång ville jag vara ett offer- så skönt att i den eviga vilan få somna och vakna.
One time, I wanted to be a victim, and saw it in others. I picked flowers that withered, and a troubadour on the road stopped singing. Then I found grief found not to be a black, black hole, but rather filled with light. When the dark pain approached, I hugged its hand and tasted its blood. Then there was no difference between darkness and light, good and evil — but only myself with the freedom to experience life as it is, with all the nuances, flavors, and fragrances... One time I wanted to be a victim: but oh, it is so beautiful to be in the Eternal rest where I get to lie down to sleep... and wake up.
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