Primal Innocence

There is a primal innocence of Life itself: we are born through the innocently pure energies of sex as innocently pure beings. This shines in the eyes of a secure child. As we grow this innocence remains in us, even though we may be traumatized and our fears cloud it over with shadows of darkness. The spiritual path is recovering this primal sense within ourselves, and being able to sense it in others—and to love them as another face of our truest selves, for on this level, there is only One Life, the Life of pure, Innocent Being, naked of personalities. This Pure, Innocent, Eternal Being we call... God. 
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Are You Happy Mom?

Tid med dig är en dyrbar skatt, min älskade Lucia, lik en stjärna så starkt lysande som har sin bestämda tid. Du läser högt ur boken Mio Min Mio i solskenets oändliga värme. Vi rör oss i regnmolnets skugga och solens rike och vi badar i glimmtar av ljus. Tillsammans i fantasi och verklighet i drömmar och svek, du frågar -är du lycklig Mamma? Jag går alltid hand i hand med tacksamheten för livets smak av sött och salt, och stundens tårar och skratt. Lukten av förmultnande löv eller rosens doft i blomsterlundens gömma , och mötet med en själ just här, idag. Så stanna hos mig en stund, fina vän.
Time with you is a precious treasure, my beloved Lucia, like a star so brightly lit that has its appointed time. You read aloud from the book "Mio My Mio," in the endless heat of sunlight. We are moving in enigmatic shadows and sun, and bathe in a glimmer of light. Together in the fantasy and reality of dreams and betrayal, you ask, "Are you happy Mom?" I always go hand in hand with gratitude, for life tastes of sweet and salt, and the moment holds tears and laughter. The smell of decaying leaves and rose scent hide in the flower grove, and in the meeting with a soul right here, today. So stay with me for a while, my beautiful friend.
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Into The Magical Woods

 My daughter Amber and her two daughters, Agatha and Tallula came for a visit from the UK, where she got her doctorate degree at Cambridge University. She now lives just outside Cambridge in the English countryside, with her husband Josh and Panka, a young student from Bulgaria. Panka came with them. She is a natural-born Natty, and an angel. We walked together slowly, meandering through the forest here around Molkom several times, and both Amber and the children were in awe. Amber and Josh have read stories to Ruby Magoo (my name for Agatha), and Tallula for all of their lives, and their imaginations are so creative and alive. I loved being with them! Every little pool became a passageway between worlds. The moss was home to fairies. Ingela and her children joined us for our last journey into the magical woods and took some photos of us that we wanted to share with you. 
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