Near the Fairytale Kingdom

Plocka örter, fröer, skörda grönsaker och mötas för tillagning i köket. Vi gör rå zucchini pasta och de rostade tomater från igår blir en mustig soppa. Bönsallad med majs som smakar gudomligt och till efterrätt muffins med tallbarr. Vi är så nära den bruna jorden i Värmlands magiska natur; platsen, Villa Vilan nära sagans rike. Morötter som blir till svampar och vi får följa Lucia´s förvandling av en zucchini till en tomte. Vi delar så mycket skapande och kreativitet och glädje i höstljuset.
Picking herbs and seeds, harvesting vegetables, then meeting to cook in the kitchen. We have raw zucchini pasta and roasted tomatoes from yesterday, to make a rich soup today. There is bean salad with corn that tastes divine, and for desert cupcakes with pine needles.Then carrots become mushrooms, and we follow Lucia's transformation of zucchini into a gnome. Here we are so close to the rich brown earth in Värmland's magical Nature. This site of Villa Vilan is near the fairytale kingdom. We share so much creativity and joy in the autumn light. 
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I love the naturalness and joy of this Tantra Festival. A truly healthy society would teach and support a truly healthy and knowledgeable relationship with our body's ecstatic nature. Ecstasy is, of itself, wholly healthy and Life-giving in every way. Of course, the addictive, lower nature within us abuses every gift of the higher intelligence of Creative Life. But to be whole and healthy means to be naturally pleasurable in our bodies and harmoniously loving in our souls.

In a most wonderful way, opening up our sexual natures to learn and grow makes us children again, full of laughter and playfulness. And opening our hearts as the first requirement means that we flow in the respect and honor that allows people to explore without being manipulated and abused. Little by little, courageous souls are creating new social patterns, new ways to relate and be, that honor both the deep soul's needs for real Love, and the body's right to be ecstatic and fluid in its way of moving and being.

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Judith´s Smoothie

Detta är ett enkelt och gott recept som mina barn älskar. När barnen var små stoppade jag det i frysen och serverade det som glass. Det var uppskattat av både vuxna och barn.
1-2 avokado, jag tycker om att använda 2 mogna
En halv banan
En halv ananas
En halv citron
2 msk vatten
Blanda allt tillsammans i en mixer, ca en halv minut.
This is an easy and delicious recipe that my kids love. When the kids were small I put it in the freezer and served it as ice cream. It was appreciated by both adults and children. 

1-2 avocados, I like to use 2 ripe
Half a banana
Half a pineapple
Half a lemon
2 tablespoons water
Mix everything together in a blender, about half a minute.


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