Kissing at the Square

Fröken onödig, älskar att kyssas, hon är liten men hon når om hon står på prinsens tår. Läppar så ömma, hon aldrig ska glömma, kärlek ger vila, det lugna och fina. I hjärtat bor en tillit så stor; den andas kärlek i livets alla väderstreck. Fröken onödig kysser inga grodor för prinsen är här som hon håller så kär.  
Miss unnecessary loves to kiss. She is small and yet she reaches up to stand on the prince's toes. Lips so tender, she'll never forget: love gives rest, the quiet and beautiful. In the heart lives a great trust; the breath of love in all of life's directions. Miss unnecessary will not kiss frogs for the Prince is here that she holds so dear. 
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By The Sea's Soft Iron

I let my feet get caressed by the sea's soft iron, beyond my future's murky shadows, and the sweet song of this moment. The sea remembers her deep, salt tears in these waves, in the lonely halls of its hidden heart, and silently sucked upwards towards the face of the sun. It is captivating to turn into the unbridled power of the wind as it dances with the foam — in this place where jewels of beauty are revealed with every footstep. Each little stone here has its own perfection; rattling along the shore to find its place.
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A little cow

has lifted its eyes

from hay to Holy Hills.

A Hebrew sun shines in one eye;

an Indian moon in the other.

She eats fat grasses

and drinks sun-lit waters.

The little cow is silent by day,

but all night she speaks

her simple moo to the stars.

Her heart is open and free.

She is dreaming of wild colors

she has never seen:

something far beyond

brown and green.

When her time

to be milked comes

the bucket will overflow

with golden cream.

/Blake Steele

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