A Perspective On Tantra

I asked Bruce Lyon, one of the Tantric teachers at the Angsbacka Tantra Festival, what Tantra meant to him. He quoted the mystic poet Rumi, "Tantra is wave after wave of passion upon a bed of peace." 
I was very impressed by Bruce's combination of love, wisdom, playfulness, and courageous freedom... qualities I highly value and admire. Here is a quote from his web site: http://www.shamballatantra.com
In the West our style has been to separate off our sexuality from the cosmic dance creating a rather bipolar society that swings between repression and indulgence. There are many paths that lead us into greater consciousness or light. Many others help us work with our emotions, open the heart and know ourselves as love. But there are very few paths that help us integrate our erotic power to bring our light and love into full incarnated expression on the physical plane.
I have found that True Tantra, in all its variety of expressions, is a path to wholeness and radiant aliveness of being. /Blake
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I love the naturalness and joy of this Tantra Festival. A truly healthy society would teach and support a truly healthy and knowledgeable relationship with our body's ecstatic nature. Ecstasy is, of itself, wholly healthy and Life-giving in every way. Of course, the addictive, lower nature within us abuses every gift of the higher intelligence of Creative Life. But to be whole and healthy means to be naturally pleasurable in our bodies and harmoniously loving in our souls.

In a most wonderful way, opening up our sexual natures to learn and grow makes us children again, full of laughter and playfulness. And opening our hearts as the first requirement means that we flow in the respect and honor that allows people to explore without being manipulated and abused. Little by little, courageous souls are creating new social patterns, new ways to relate and be, that honor both the deep soul's needs for real Love, and the body's right to be ecstatic and fluid in its way of moving and being.

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Sexual Health and Spiritual Growth

There has just been a Sexibility Festival at Angsbacka. I have some strong impressions after it. One is that I feel a healthy union of all energies into a respectful, playful, and free flowing Love is on the cutting edge of human development. There must be a large scale movement from fear to wholeness, from projections of unconsciously repressed things to openness, honesty, and eventually, to real, all embracing Love.

In the past all major spiritualities have repressed our sexuality, and thus our humanness, in the name of becoming more divine — but it hasn't worked. There is always just a small minority of people who are able to lift their inbuilt, divinely designed love of ecstasy and intimacy to a level of divine love-making. For every radiant saint there have been thousands of repressed and tormented souls trying to be good and filled with all manner of guilt and shame.

My heart cries out, no more of this! We need a spiritual wholeness that makes all our God-given capacities beautiful, that affirms that sex is pure and beautiful because it is a gift of the Creator, that it is good to feel very good, healthy, and life-affirming. 

That said, another very strong impression is that it takes a great maturity to help people open up and heal in this area... There must be a depth of understanding of the human psyche, and passionate sense of responsibility for the on-going good of another; and that when dealing with the area of our greatest sensitivities, tenderness, and vulnerability and its relationship to our animal hungers and divine capacities for real Love and beauty, there needs to be wisdom... truck loads of wisdom, and rivers of intelligent, illuminated Love. I call for people who are concerned about the health of humanity not criticize those who are trying to create new patterns, or repress their own feelings that arise, but to be open in humility and compassionate Love so that energy will move, awareness will grow through communication with others, ways will be found, and more health will come. I hope to write more about this important subject soon.

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