Perfect skin part 3: Food sensitivity

My start to a healthier skin started when I was fourteen and for the first time went to a kinesiologist – someone who for the first time tested my food sensitivity for real. I had earlier been to normal medical tests for my eczema but their was not many food groups they could test and only with tests that should give an immediate reaction. 

With skin problems it is though often that you have a sensitivity for food that will first show after a few days, or even weeks. So these tests do not bring you very far. For me there are only two ways of knowing if your having an overreaction to something or not. 

The first one is kinesiology and the second one is to do an elimination diet. When you have done either of these two you will have a good ground to start on. It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, right? 

But, for me, once you are on a path where you have eliminated a few things the trip doesn't stop there. The body is evolving all the time so once your starting to go to a cleaner diet you body will crave for more. But you always have a choice! Lets say it will show that you shouldn't eat cows cheese and later on you notice that goats cheese actually doesn't feel so grate either, you can still go for it. It will always be your choice how far you want to go.

Even though I have been working with my diet for ten years I still continue to grow on this. Their is always new information coming and my body is always changing. In the moment I am moving towards a raw food diet and eat at least 50% raw a day. But I am sure that my body and soul will continue to crave for more of the good things. 

But for now – start where you are at. If you already have tested yourself through an elimination diet or with help of a kinesiologist then start with sticking to that diet. And if not then start of with either of these two to get that ground to start with! 

Once you are on a diet that is especially made for you it might be challenging at times. My best tip here is that you always have "your food" around you. Only shop groceries that fit your diet and always have a little box with snacks in your bag. And make your food lovely! Just because there are things you can´t eat food should still be delicious. 

Soon you will feel a big difference, after only one - two weeks. Not only your skin will start to glow more but you will also have much more energy. Yippie, hang in there! 

/ Mia


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