The Tantra Festival

We are learning to know ourselves, men and women, and to listen to each other, to be honest about how we sense each other's energies, how we feel. We are learning how to move through everything to the stillness within us that is exquisitely tender, aware, sensitive... brimming over with beauty. We are growing up in the higher potential of our biology to live wide open, playfully free, and ecstatically alive... to harmonize with the high, free power of real, creative Love; to enter the harmonious realms of peace.


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The Great Stillness

En stillhet vidgades i mig; mjuk som fågelns vingar i vila, när den ska landa i trädets högsta topp. Tillit när vinden sover att den snart ska blåsa i mitt ansikte igen. När det blir tyst i hjärtats djupa sal, går jag i ljuset och sanningen, fast jag inget ser. Den stora stillheten ror min båt i hamn, hem till det okända som jag alltid vetat. Tystnaden rör sig långsamt och berör varje cell i min kropp, när skärvor har lagt sig till ro och somnat in. Mellan andetaget finns det lugna
A hush widened in me, soft as a bird's wings at rest when in glides in to land in the tree's highest branches. I trust when the wind is asleep that soon it will be blowing in my face again. When it gets quiet in my heart's deep hall, I walk in the light and truth, though I cannot see clearly. The great stillness guides my boat into a safe harbor. I am home to the unknown that I have always known and knew. Silence is slowly moving and touching every cell in my body. When all my broken pieces have calmed and fallen into rest and sleep, between each breath is stillness.
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Yoga Festival

Beautiful people at the Yoga Festival.
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