How to get perfect skin

Since I wrote about my skin problems the other day questions have been pouring in, people have come to my door and asked about skin problems and many people have written to me and asked for help. And there is nothing I would like to help you more with then getting healthy skin.
Thats why I have decided to do a little series about how to heal your skin. I have had heavy eczema for over 20 years and finally found natural ways to heal my skin. I have also been suffering from very difficult skin in my face and even to that problem found solutions. When Avalon was only six weeks old he got eczema over his whole body and today he has the most soft and resistant skin I have ever seen.
After being through all this I know what it means to suffer from skin issues, both when it´s your own skin and even worse when it´s your child that is in pain. So there is nothing ells than all my wisdom I have gained about skin that I would love to share with you. So please ask all your questions in the comment field and I will do all I can to help you. 
/ Mia

1. Make up your mind

2. Stay natural

3. Food sensitivity

4. Food for skin

5. Super foods 

6. Products 

7. Make up

8. Treatments

9. Detox

10. Environment


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