Kundalini... Confusion or Clarity?

There is much misunderstanding about Kundalini. What is it, really? Is there some secret, latent power at the base of our spine, waiting to wake up and transform us into the Divine? Is there actually a mystical "inner serpent" waiting to wind its way up through our inner energies and turn on a thousands petaled, golden-lit something in the tip of our brains?

 My experience has been that Kundalini is actually wholly natural and familiar: nothing other than our sexual drive and its exquisitely ecstatic sensations. And yet... there is something amazingly different that is possible and associated with this word. There is "sex as we think about it in our familiar, social conditioning" and then there a higher potential of sexual energies to refine and purify our entire nervous and glandular systems into a different way of functioning. When sexual sensation becomes something that purifies our minds and blossoms our biology into an Oxytocin based sense of connection and deep Love, I would agree with calling it something other than "sex": perhaps "Higher Sex," or, Divine actualization, or… Kundalini — even though Kundalini is a word that often causes more miscommunication than clear understanding, being linked to pre-scientific, more poetical, and symbol making ages. And then there is this lightness... and Light. / Blake

Celebrate Life 3

En yvig utsikt, full med starka känslor, där fåglar flyger högt i skyn och trappan leder uppåt och nedåt och nya rum upptäcks och skapas tillsammans. Vi håller händer och leder varandra stundtals i blindo, men med en inre vetskap att allt är väl. Vi gör det tillsammans, håller smärtan och närmar oss ingenting, där allt får leva, utan destination; vi flyger 

A brush obscured view full of strong emotions, where birds sail high in the sky and stairs lead up and down. In this place many new rooms are discovered and created together. We hold hands, and lead each other — at times blindly — but with an inner knowing that all is well. This we do together, keeping the pain and approaching nothing, where everything can live without a destination. Here we fly.


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(Photo by Liliana Sanches)
Oförstående i all sin gradiosa självupptagen, smeker skuggan min rygg i det fördolda, bakom fasaden. Smygande och med en fjäderlätt beröring vandrar den förbi och söker ljus att släcka. Ständigt på jakt efter att finna jaget i sitt eget hjärta; söndersmulat av våld mot livet självt. Bakom smärtan finns ett naket hjärta som vill älska, rent och klart. Där finns ögon som ser den upplysta vägen och går sida vid sida med kärleken. En dans på lätta fötter, där harmoniskt samarbete råder, där glädjen ler och sjunger sin sång. Livet är en spännande bok, där resan är fri, om den gradiosa självupptagenheten får vila i tacksamhet djupt i sin tysta grav. 
Candid portrait, in all its gradiose self-absorbed, caressing shade; my back in secret, behind the facade. Stealthy, and with a feather touch, the past wanders, seeking light to extinguish itself within. Constantly in search of finding the self in his own heart — it is a crumb of violence set against life itself. Behind the pain is a naked heart, clean and clear, that loves to love. There are eyes that see the lighted path and walk side by side with love. A dance on light feet, where harmonious agreement prevails, where joy smiles and sings her song. Life is a book, full of excitement, where the journey is free, if the gradiose, self-centered part can rest in gratitude... deep in its silent grave.
/ Ingela
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