Light From a Near Death Experience

We really, really need to expand our perspective about our lives. We are way more than this earthly journey. There are now thousands of Near Death Experiences to give us insight and guidance. Here is how a Near Death Experience transformed one person't life.
I know what rings true to me instantly now. I can't hide behind an expression, I can't lie in my words... especially not to myself. This is the meaning of liberation... true freedom from masked suffering that we all share in one way or another. I can fly higher, love deeper, sing louder... all of the 'bottled' emotions and negative feelings have now been shattered and creatively recycled into a mosaic of soulful art... all of my old wounds that hid behind the curtain have been spot-lit on the stage, I just watch them dance and sing their dark song, then I stand in ovation without any judgment in my heart. I've stared my inner critic in the face, only to watch her burn beneath my magnifying glass, transmuting into golden ash... gently blowing it all away in the wind. I live in the world as a bright young child again, where everything is magic and magic is everything! The universe speaks to me in many languages and frequencies, every day, and I can finally comprehend the guidance. 
(From the Near Death Experience Research Foundation web site, which has a wealth of resources)
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