A Creative Beginning

Ingela and I have made a commitment to sharing more creativity together this year. This is the beginning of our painting journey. Ingela is practicing simply playing, without results in mind; to paint without the fear of it 'not being good enough,' that is such a hindrence to freely developing. I am learning how the process is the teaching, and that the willingness to simply "make a mess" is a beautiful state to be in. Out of it all, a free flow gets going, and in this is the promise of present and future beauty. 
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Trees, mamma i London:

Tänk att det oftast blir finast då också :)
Även i livet, in general!

Svar: Tack therese. ja det stämmer bra in på min erfarenhet. Allt gott till dig. Kram Ingela
Ingela Axkrants

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