This is what I AM

I am nothing but love, nothing less and nothing more. Sometimes this can be difficult for people to understand, to see and to feel. But no matter to that I still remember the energy I am and will be. I AM here to be love and to spread that beauty to all around me, even at difficult times as these I still AM nothing less than Love. Love that is colorful, love that is happy, love that is visible, love that is flowing like a river to all parts of me. Starting at the center of my heart and flowing out to the universe –  and never stops. I can no longer stop this, I tried and bitterly failed. Now it is time for me to fully be what I AM, even at difficult times. Even when it is difficult to say, difficult to write, I no longer have a choice to go back to being less of what I AM. This is what I AM and serve you with. It is time to be the light houses we are.
Love, Mia
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