Worn / Mia

Dress: Second hand  /  Leather jacket: Ibana  /  Feather west: Miel  /  Leather bag: Vintage  /  Bag: Rainbow Shop  /  Boots: Quest  /  Necklace: Rainbow Shop
So this is the most charming outfit post I ever made. But what to say, this is how I look a "normal" day and just quickly before the next work meeting wanted to take some shots for you guys. So this is a real outfit post, with the funny, half stressed, I´m in a rush, work face. And of course with my beloved water bottle. You have not seen this on any pictures until now but actually I always have a bottle of water with me and since I don´t like plastic I just use a beautiful glass bottle. It matches the look perfectly, doesn´t it? ;-)
Love / Mia
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