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Today I am going back to my beloved community in Molkom. I have had many lovely meetings here in Stockholm. But like life is, my Stockholm trip had some sides that were not as enjoyable. First there was Sascha and the kids car accident and after they left I have kind of felt alone. I am a person who loves to have people around me, not to much, just so that I know they are there. And in Molkom there are so many lovely people around me all the time that it was quite a contrast to be alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. These are feelings I have been dealing with the last week, and even though I feel I did nothing I know I did a lot of work on myself. Oh my, I am so looking forward to sit in our amazingly cozy café together with my friends and family next saturday!
/ Mia
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Queen of Kammebornia:

Det är fint att ha ett hem att längta till! Stor kram och tusen tack för dina fina ord hos mig!

Svar: Kram :-)
Mia & Ingela

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