Community time!

Jacket: Hugo Boss  /  Trousers: Zoul  /  Shirt: La Redaute  /  Necklace: Kristallrummet  
/  Silver bracelet: India  /  Turquoise bracelet: Kristallrummet  /  Ring: 
Today was one of our café days at Ängsbacka. It has only open once a week and the whole community meets her for laughter, raw cakes and loads of fun! It´s my favorite day of the week. I start to enjoy the community more and more, the more lovely people are coming to join the more fun it gets. Friends are so important in my life and at this place I have found many. But as I am, I am also drawn to city adventures. In only one week I will enjoy my Stockholm apartment for the first time, from that on I will be there every second week. Half time on the country side with community, forest, the lake and all, and half time in the middle of the city with all it´s cozy cafés, yoga studios and my city friends. I feel so blessed with my life!
/ Mia
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