Letters Written on Water

I remember what shaped me, every small step from childhood to a sense of being who I am today. To be in an exceptional condition is where the emptiness is a driver and each creation is proof that pain also gives creativity and direction. I remember the contours of trust and faith as I rest in a greater truth—where my heart is wide open, and all is well. I remember my inability to cry, and that wonderful moment when I met God as Light and Love in freedom... when I realized that being alive is far greater than the spectacle of mere existence I see today. Memories come, of a smell, a soul, and joys and sorrows united in harmony. A beauty that is a nuance of riddles answers my every question and is a pregnant mystery larger than everything else I know. Every moment slowly dies away, leaving faint memories, and the possibility of love letters that shall remain, written in the waters of a clear stream. /Blake Steele


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