A Perspective On Tantra

I asked Bruce Lyon, one of the Tantric teachers at the Angsbacka Tantra Festival, what Tantra meant to him. He quoted the mystic poet Rumi, "Tantra is wave after wave of passion upon a bed of peace." 
I was very impressed by Bruce's combination of love, wisdom, playfulness, and courageous freedom... qualities I highly value and admire. Here is a quote from his web site: http://www.shamballatantra.com
In the West our style has been to separate off our sexuality from the cosmic dance creating a rather bipolar society that swings between repression and indulgence. There are many paths that lead us into greater consciousness or light. Many others help us work with our emotions, open the heart and know ourselves as love. But there are very few paths that help us integrate our erotic power to bring our light and love into full incarnated expression on the physical plane.
I have found that True Tantra, in all its variety of expressions, is a path to wholeness and radiant aliveness of being. /Blake
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