Make your own Raw Chocolate!

It is melting on my tung, it is sweet, it is strong, it is powerful – raw chocolate is my drug. Yes I admit it, I am hooked! And there is no reason not to be. The benefits of raw chocolate are endless. Not only do they not contain any usual crap sweet stuff like flour, milk and sugar that are on top of that super processed, no all those yucky things are also exchanged by pure super foods. By by crap sweets, hello super sweets! Pure and raw chocolate beans, coconut oil and the natural sweet taste of the Lucuma fruit are mixed together to this amazing tasteful treat. Are you ready for some serious taste? Here is my easy, tasty and super healthy recipe for a basic raw chocolate. 
What you need:
1/2 cup Coconut oil
1. Start chopping the cacao mass into very small peaces and put them in a glass or metal bowl. Put the coconut oil with it and heat slowly in a water bath.
The best is if you have a thermometer so you can control that it does not go over 42 C°, which is the magic raw food number. Everything that is heated over 42 is losing loads of enzymes and nourishment and is no longer called raw food. So you want to keep it under those 42 to get the maximum benefit out of it.
2. Once these two are melted together you stir in the Lucuma powder with a spoon. Stir until all the bubbles are gone and you have a pretty thick and sweet chocolate sauce.
3. Pour the chocolate in a plate or a silicone mold and put it in the fridge for one hour. In case you can not wait for your treat that long you can also put it in the freezer for 15 minutes.
Take your chocolate out and cut it out of the plate in as big peaces as you would like, if you use silicone forms just press the chocolate out on a plate. Place everything on your favorite plate and decorate with some Lucuma powder.
4. Enjoy your amazing chocolate and feel it´s wonders working!
Psst. This super sweet gives you so much energy so do not eat it before going to bed. Or like me I can not even handle it after lunch..  And for gods sake do not give this to your kids in the evening or they will keep you awake all night! But of course this is a super great sweet for them at any other time ;-)
/ Mia
The ingredients for this post were sponsored by my favorite health store Clear Life. Thank you for supporting our sponsors that make Boho Sweet possible.
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