When we turn our minds against our innocent, sexual life force with taboos, guilt, fear, or shame, we create tremendous inner tensions for we were created by the free flow of this ecstatic energy, and every cell in our bodies recognizes it as wholly good. These tensions, along with trauma pain and its defenses, become our inner demons. The deepest pain in the psyche of so many people is this conflict of guilt, shame, and fear constricting and twisting their relationship with their own expansive, ecstatic energies and cutting them off from a clear conscious awareness of their own primal innocence of being. In losing our sense of the divine innocence of our own bodies and beings we no longer naturally resonate with the free Spirit and Pure Source of all Existence that is shining through galaxies, moving in the free skies, singing through birds, and impelling all growing things. This twisting of our minds against the true innocence of our ecstatic bodies is the darkness that swallows up so many beautiful children as they go through the process of becoming sexually alive adolescents. Why do so many young people withdraw into their own super sensuous worlds, unable to share what is going on within them with their own families? Could it be because they were not adequately prepared for this momentous change through a childhood of affirmation and celebration of the beauty of their bodies and their developing sexual life-force energy?

It is so essential for our development as healthy human beings to inhabit our innocent bodies in celebration and gratitude. Once we realize that the higher, causal level of our existence is the pure Light of Life—or Light body within—spoken of by illuminated people for thousands of years—we can learn to consciously lift all beautiful energies honestly and openly back to our Source of Pure, infinite Light who gifts us with everything. In acknowledging and celebrating the genius that is expressed in our own body's design, and in waking up to the freely given goodness of pleasure and delight that exists in the higher laws of Love, mind and body will at last be one in the sweet pleasure of existence. In this our soul will become free of both fear-based taboos regarding sexual ecstasy, and the lusts that repression creates, and shall learn in relaxed openness the wisdom of the higher harmonic law of Love, radiantly alive in our Light-body and reflected in our good, sensual physical bodies as well. 

Love from Blake and Ingela

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