Do you know how beautiful you are?
No… probably not, for none of us do.
The beauty of our spirit shines out for others
when we are most unaware of our selves.
Your soul is a weaving of countless colors:
the dreams and experiences that clothe the naked you…
that freedom of Light within the fields of infinite Light
adoring you. There are countless angels
in love with you and singing your name
in God, and God’s name in you.
To glimpse one of these beings
causes a soul to worship the Great Love
and Freedom in Love forever.
And yet such beings bow to kiss your feet as they pass.
Why is this? you may ask, as you remember
your human frailties, your most obvious imperfections.
What if it is just because of this
that you are so loved and honored
as you practice Love and kindness here;
as you shout and face your fears,
and even as you run from them
and hide for a season in that dark that shines…
For you are seen by luminous eyes
that laugh and dream of your endless majesty
in free places where Love’s dreams are so real
that God creates worlds of them.

 /Blake Steele 

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