Above and Below

 Painting by Alan Lee

The truth of our body and soul is that the most exquisite tenderness of innocent ecstasy openness us the most deeply. This is the unfettered nature of pure sexual sensation without coloration, and… ultimately, the nature of God, for God is the supremely sublime Spirit that most tenderly opens our deepest, most sensitive being into Freedom in Love, by Love, and for more Love! This is another instance of the truth that what is above is mirrored below, and what is below is reflected above… and we realize this only when we return to the naked, open foundation of all existence—that every electron sparkles in—with wide-open hearts and honest minds.
/Blake Steele
Kategori: Life, Poetry; Taggar: Blake Steele, Ingela Axkrants, a beautiful life, spirital, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual life;
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